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  • Graduate Employability

UUM achievement has increased to 79% in comparison with 69.4% in 2010 and this achievement has surpassed the UUM KPI of 70% and 75% KPI KPT.


  • Donation and Sponsorship

In total HEP has obtained donation / sponsorship around RM1 million for various activities such as RM300, 000 to sponsor the DPP BSN, RM300, 000 for renovations and launching ceremony, RM140, 000 for the Convocation Expo sponsorship and donations and sponsorships for various HEP activities.


  • Program SUKUUM

A total of nearly 8000 students were involved with SUKUUM program that includes sports track, sports for women and others.


  • Increased Infrastructure

Cafeteria in most DPP was fully upgrade and have a new look as well as the provision of 'student lounge' in DPP Honorable and Tradewinds.


  • Student Development Activities

KPI implementation of student activities for 2011 was fully achieved by organizing a number of activities in 1420 compared to 1350 targeted in the strategic plan.


  • Launch of Menu 1 Malaysia Campaign

In line with the government's 1 Malaysia campaign was launched menu and participated by the entire cafeteria.


  • Launch of Energy Saving Campaign

Energy conservation campaign especially on electricity and water usage has been made and implemented in all DPP which results are expected to be seen in 2012.


  • Royal Symphony Concert

Concert show appreciation to the Tuanku Chancellor was organized with full glory and the Majesty KDYMM has attended the concert.


  • Film and Video Malaysia Student Festival

Festival organized rarely seen and was received very an overwhelming support from local university students and has provided an excellent platform for students to highlight their talent.


  • National Youth Symphony Concert

The concert was organized with excellent success and has attracted audience of all to meet each space of DMAS.

  • National Race Building Program (PEMBINA)

National program involving all IPTA  student leaders was held at 3 series and fully coordinated by HEP UUM. 

  • 1 Malaysia Convention: Creating Student Leadership Towards Political Sustainability (LESTARI)

Program in collaboration with the ministry begins with TOT program to IPTA Officers and followed by two series of programs to students of all universities (IPTA) and were held in AKEPT.


  • Prime Community Service (BAKSIS PERDANA)

A total of 1260 students representing the DPP and the club and divided into 36 groups of students are involved simultaneously in 36 villages throughout Malaysia.