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Student Affairs and Alumni (HEPA) have two main functions of serving and developing students. In carrying out this function HEPA has planned various activities to achieve this.
Best services for student are provided in the various aspects particularly student accommodation has been improved by simply placing only two students per room compared with three and four students per room previously.
Besides other services such as bus cycle, cafeteria and learning facilities in the Students Residential Hall (DPP) has increased significantly.
In the context of student development, HEPA commitment is explained in detail in the Strategic Plan of the University encompasses a holistic development of students as well as other aspects such as community service, student participation in the management and the welfare of their students, especially financial aid to students.
For 2012, the HEPA held two series of discussions to provide the department as well Almanak coordination sessions with some central / relevant departments such as KoK Center, CEDI, Islamic Centre, Academic College, CUIC and Sports Centre. These discussions have resulted Almanak 2012 which lists a total of 1500 in the multi-dimensional sports activities, cultural, academic, spiritual, entrepreneurship, community service, career, alumni and activities for DPP and Club and student associations.
Various other activities are also planned for the purpose of developing the mind and self-esteem of students as the 'Graduate Character Building', Finishing School, Prime Student Community Service and Fardu Ain Competency Test.
A variety of student development activities that have been carried out and will continue to pay off and proven to improve student achievement 'Graduate Employment' from 69.4% in 2010 kepada79.1% for 2011.